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Outsourcing Payroll

Ensures your business is compliant

Hiring staff in the Netherlands means being ‘withholding agent’ as an employer. We take over your entire payroll and HRM administration with the greatest care. Providing a quality, flexible and accurate service tailored to your business needs. We believe in creating long-term partnerships.

Full Service Outsource Payroll

Providing a quality, flexible and accurate service tailored to your business needs. Your payroll is processed reliably, accurately and is compliant with the latest legislation. If you want or have the intention of hiring staff in the Netherlands, you will be subjected to various regulations and obligations. We can take over your entire payroll administration. Additionally, you can make use of our rich HRM experience. Our payroll services assures you that everything is done correctly and in due course.

As soon as you hire staff, you are a ‘withholding agent’ as an employer and you therefore have the obligation to have and update payroll records. Being a withholding agent means that you have to withhold amounts of tax and social security premiums from the employees’ wages. The payroll is the instrument the Tax Department uses to check your records. Maxol supports you professionally in this respect.

Managed Services

With Maxol your company will be in the hands of dedicated payroll specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of payroll outsourcing. We can manage and implement the entire payroll function with our personal, tailored service. The key aspects of Maxol are the flexibility and convenience we can provide to you. By partnering with us you will have access to payroll outsourcing services , time & attendance, rostering, award interpretation, employee self service and human resource solutions, so you can focus on your business and your bottom-line. We agree with you on a level of service and work closely with clients to ensure an effective solution to suit each individual’s specific requirements.

We have been providing payroll outsourcing for the past years to a variety of clients nationwide in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, including those from the marketing, manufacturing, legal and retail sectors. We manage the complete payroll function from start to finish, including issues such as leave, taxation, superannuation, reporting, costing and HR advice. Outsourcing of payroll is an innovative way to improve the efficiency of business processes.

We offer a full payroll compliance package, which includes:

  • registration as withholding agent for wage taxes and social insurance premiums
  • preparing monthly salary slips
  • preparing annual income statements for employees
  • ongoing internal payroll reporting
  • preparation and filing of wage tax returns
  • instructions for settlement tax payment obligations
  • ongoing monitoring compensation package
We can take over your entire payroll administration.

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We take the burden of managing payroll off your hands when you outsource your payroll administration to us. We prepare the calculations, prepare the payments, the salary-sheets and maintain contact with the Tax Department and UWV. These governmental bodies check the correct application of wage tax and employee insurance schemes. In case of incorrect application you will be given penalties. Our professional and on time assistance will prevent you from experiencing these kind of bad surprises.
We ensures your business is compliant. We can offer a number of benefits. We can check for you whether you are eligible to any incentives, tax discounts, or even possibilities to obtain EU / R&D subsidies saving you money. We can do the application with the institutions and do the periodically follow-ups. We can also inform you about the Expense Allowance Scheme, allowing for a certain percentage of gross wages to be spent on tax-exempt allowances and benefits (this includes commuting allowance, work clothing, mobile telephone, etc).

If you want to keep a grip on your payroll and personnel records in the Netherlands, and rest assured that all payroll administration and personnel records are in full compliance with legislation, then Maxol is the right partner for you. Feel free to contact us.

Outsourcing with Maxol enables your business to cut operating costs without cutting corners. Let us look after your payroll and minimize hassle so you can spend more time developing your business.

Cut operating costs without cutting corners
Maxol Finance Services
"Our objective is keeping accurate accounting and financial records for the success of your business. We are dedicated to every single client at any time!"