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We understand that experience is crucial when it comes to bookkeeping. With our nearly 25 years experience we provide an intelligent bookkeeping service to SME's and worldwide accountants ensuring a consistency of delivery and high-quality work.

One-stop to all tax and business matters

Our practical, down-to-earth and friendly approach provides clients with information that enables them to understand and make decisions for their business, provides a peace of mind, with fair and reasonable charges. We can help you to set up a new business or clean up and existing company that has not had professional help. We can set up the reporting and systems needed to understand your business better.

Usually, it isn't time that’s the value of your time spent on bookkeeping. That’s why more and more businesses want to reduce their costs by outsourcing their books, leaving them more time to focus on their core and main activities. After all, that’s what truly generates income and results.

Outsourcing Accounting

We understand that experience is crucial when it comes to bookkeeping
Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting is a serious matter. We understand that experience is crucial when it comes to bookkeeping. But not only is the experience that counts, but also the hands-on and efficient workflow is essential. We have over 25 years of experience in Dutch Tax Administration. We provide an intelligent bookkeeping service to SME's (small to medium enterprises) and world wide accountants ensuring a consistency of delivery and high-quality work.

Our service is just the thing you are looking for if you are:

  • A small to medium sized company or non-profit organisation
  • An individual who wants assistance with their personal financial record-keeping
  • Starting a new company and want to make sure that everything is handled correctly from the beginning
  • Spending too much time on your company’s bookkeeping and not enough time bringing in new business
  • Losing time and money because of mismanaged financial records
  • Spending too much money on a full-time bookkeeper
  • Not prepared for your quarterly and annual tax filings
We have over 25 years experience in Dutch Tax Administration

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Penny wise pound ...

Most business owners don't consider how to maximize their efficiency and the impact of their time. What would be your answer to the question: what activities do you do that generate the most revenue in your company (or fulfillment in your private life)?
  • Relax and take the hassle out of sorting all your invoices, receipts and bank statements
  • Don't look back and have your VAT return prepared for you, in good time and correct
  • Let someone else liaise directly with the tax authorities
  • Have reports and figures on a regular basis that help you make decisions on your business growth
Let us liaise directly with the tax authorities for you

One-Stop Solution

Our charging system is completely transparent so you will always know exactly what you are paying for. Outsourcing bookkeeping to us is gaining control over your business. Allow us to focus on your financial administration and books, so you can focus on your core business and spend more quality time.

Our comprehensive bookkeeping service can include:

  • Payroll services
  • Monthly bookkeeping services
  • Credit management
Outsourcing bookkeeping is gaining control over your business… It means more power! This service is also available with the exciting on-line bookkeeping option through Exact and Davilex to follow the figures 24/7.


  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts and prepare reports
  • Prepare General Journal Entries
  • Accounts Payable - record & ensure bills are paid in a timely manner
  • Accounts Receivable - invoice customers, record & manage collection and payments
  • Payroll - manage & calculate payroll, maintain records, & remit source deductions to CRA
  • Cash Disbursement - record & management
  • Every 3 months or each month VAT return


  • Prepare year-end reports for accountant
  • Input adjusting entries supplied by accountant
  • Government reports with SBR reporting
  • Review by accountants
  • Regular reviews of results with owner
  • Complete report (including industry standard comparison)
  • Posting year-end entries
  • Year-end reminder service
  • Corporate income tax
Maxol Finance Services
"Our objective is keeping accurate accounting and financial records for the success of your business. We are dedicated to every single client at any time!"